I’ve been developing software professionally for 20 years. Today I’m an independent Software Consultant.

Honestly – most software is absolute rubbish. I’ve created my share of rubbish also. However, early on in my career, I was fortunate enough to land a consulting job on a project where failure could make people sick or even cost lives. Real lives.

That experience taught me to strive to consciously create decent quality software. Nothing is perfect, true. But you have to do your best, challenge your assumptions and make sure.

OK, I’ll cut the drama now…

So, given that most software is junk and that we are now using computers and software to run most of society, I think we have let things become a bit fragile.

Some of the time things run OK. But from time to time the fragility becomes evident. Things crash. Usually in a big way.

Did I promise to cut the drama? ..oh ;-)

I’d like to fix that fragility. I hope you want to fix things too.

So, what to do?

Start by taking responsibility.

Welcome to the Drama of Developing Software. Much is expected of you.